To obtain quick, dependable, and affordable AR calling services, get in touch with us. Until your payment issue is resolved, we will phone the payers, draw their attention to it, and follow up with them.

Our AR Calling Services

The hospital and, in some situations, the patient are given access to AR calling services. Our AR calling services are geared towards meeting the demands of medical professionals, clinics, and imaging facilities, among others. For a variety of reasons, these healthcare professionals receive numerous rejections and denials. Our AR calling service offers a number of services, including:

  • Unpaid Insurance Claim Tracking

    We can help you collect your rightful payment in the shortest amount of time if you outsource your AR calling services to us. By carefully following up with the payer regarding the patient’s settlement amount, our experienced AR calling staff may assist keep the average AR days low.

  • Track Electronic and Paper Claim

    Rejection and denial are the two primary barriers to payment that hospitals typically encounter. The insurance provider initially verifies if the patient’s medical services are covered. We can assist you if the refusal is mostly the result of inaccuracies, such as date discrepancies, incomplete forms, etc. The same is true of denials.

    The follow-up procedure can be managed by our AR calling experts, enabling you to successfully trace every paper and electronic claim. hence assisting you in expediting the payment procedure.

  • Patient’s Collectible Handling

    You can use our accounts receivable calling services if you are unable to properly follow up with the insurance providers for the claim settlement and payments. We can assist you in getting paid while clearing off your massive supply of AR binding.

  • Generate AR Reports

    We can produce monthly/quarterly/annual financial reports for AR, payments, etc. when you choose to outsource AR Calling services to us. You can use it to separate collectibles from less valuable items, for example.

AR Calling Services Tools

The tools we employ enable us to improve the cash flow of your organisation by accelerating, securing, and other aspects of the AR calling process. Among the tools we employ are:

Benefits of Choosing Us

Our AR callers at FWs will get in touch with the insurance provider and stay in touch with them until payment is made. To determine whether the patient is eligible for the medical operation, we also perform prior authorization and examine the CPT code. The payer gives the authorization number, and the patient will receive the appropriate diagnosis and treatment using that code and the associated expiration date. You can receive the following advantages by outsourcing your AR calling needs to us: –

  • Affordable AR Calling Services

    Based on the number of work units, personnel, project size, scope, and location, you may tailor your quotation for our AR calling services.

  • HIPAA Compliant AR Calling Services

    Our Company is accredited to ISO 9001:2000 and complies with HIPAA regulations to the fullest extent possible, ensuring the implementation and observance of all necessary security measures in a physical and operational environment.
  • Data Security

    We take strict security precautions, and we constantly train our staff on the fluid federal rules pertaining to the confidentiality of protected health information. We have reliable servers and exclusively use FTPs to download or upload files because of this.

  • 100% Information Security

    Our business has received the ISMS certification to ISO 27001:2013. As a result, our business has a structure of information systems that is fail-safe, and we are constantly prepared to deal with emerging problems.

  • Multiple Delivery Services

    We are driven to offer quick, secure, and dependable AR calling solutions through our five global, round-the-clock delivery centres. Additionally, we guarantee that our agents will be reachable through call, email, or message, whether you work remotely or in person.
  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure

    Our facilities have the cutting-edge equipment and systems required to offer premium AR calling services. One example of cutting-edge infrastructure facilities is the use of VPNs, independent Internet leased lines, more than 200% power backup, and other features.

  • Time-Saving

    You can avoid the monotony of AR calling by selecting us as your partner for AR calling services. You’ll have more time as a result to concentrate on your key competencies and provide patients with better care.

  • Accuracy

    Our commitment to quality control allows us to surpass 98% accuracy for all types of healthcare support services by providing a dedicated quality control team to audit and validate the AR calling operation.

  • Ease of Scalability

    We have the right amount of skilled resources to scale the AR calling services up or down whenever you need. You may relax knowing that your company’s demands will be met.

  • Skilled Team

    In various healthcare support operations, we employ more than 300 experts. Our AR calling analysts have a combined total of more than ten years’ expertise. So, using their knowledge, they can guarantee a steady cash inflow, assisting you in reviving and streamlining the financial health of your facility.