AR follow-up SERVICES

Long receivable cycles are only one of the difficulties that healthcare practitioners must overcome while under constant pressure to offer the best possible care. Revenue is delayed, billing teams are worn out, finance management is irritated, and cash flow is disrupted as a result. Businesses can get around these issues, lower costs, and save on personnel by outsourcing account receivable follow-up services to an expert service provider. We know that medical billing and coding businesses lose a lot of money when there is no structured process in place. At our company, we assist these businesses in streamlining their accounts receivable follow-up procedures and increasing revenues. By routinely checking on the unpaid claims, we want to shorten the AR process time.

Our AR Follow up Services

To assist clients with their AR follow-up services, we have a highly skilled staff of medical coders and financial professionals working together. One of the main services we provide is —

Medical AR Follow-up

Our financial experts will monitor all outstanding claims, look into denied claims, start collections, monitor receivable balances, and also locate any other outstanding payments. This will aid in boosting cash flow and cutting down on days of unpaid invoices which results in maximum reimbursement and increase payment flow.

AR Recovery Services

We can effectively recognise and pinpoint various medical billing circumstances that lead to unpaid balances and assist you in resolving such issues to increase the number of paid claims. Our prime intention here is to maximize the reimbursement by our excellent services and our highly experienced AR Recovery team make it happen .

Financial Reporting

We assist healthcare organisations with the creation of various financial reports, such as monthly analyses of the issues that result in claims denial. We assist you in identifying recoverable and non-collectible sums, as well as the relevant payers' coinsurance and deductible amounts, and we bill them appropriately.

Bad Debt Analysis

We are aware that approximately 25% of the healthcare sector's revenue comes from the patient share and that their responsibility extends beyond the time of the service. To keep you free of bad debts, we make sure patient payments are collected throughout the revenue cycle. Before your care team offers a patient its service, our professionals assist your team in gathering billing and insurance information. In order to help you enhance the performance of your revenue cycle by reducing bad debts and denials, we determine the patient's portion of the cost of the treatment, confirm their coverage and insurance bills, and consult with them this results in maximizing your reimbursement and increase the cash flow and benefits with the of our highly experienced team.

Credit Balance Services

Our credit balance services were created to provide you with really effective credit management by providing a precise analysis of your account transactions, EOBs, patient notes history, ERAs, and other documents. When calculating patient credit balances and starting refunds, we follow industry standards for the best results. We look over the contract specifics with the insurer, collect the allowed sum, and remedy any errors if payments are posted wrongly. To provide thorough patient or insurer reimbursement packages for a better experience, we employ pertinent backup documents. As a reputable accounts receivable service provider in the USA, we assist you in improving the simplicity of self-pay transfers and secondary insurance invoicing.

Cash Management

We use electronic medical accounts receivable services to help you stop struggling to manually manage and reconcile money coming from various sources. By integrating the general ledger, the patient accounting system, and the bank account, we automate the daily bank reconciliation procedure to make cash handling easy for you. Our customised cash management solutions save up your finance team's time to work on higher-value duties by assisting them in identifying exception items, tracking payments, managing paperwork, and maintaining cash records for auditing. Our highly experienced team with more than ten years of experience make it happen with our highly exceptional skills. We are far superior than any other competitors due to our effective-price strategy.

Insurance Follow-up

We are aware of the significant financial losses incurred by healthcare providers as a result of poor insurance company follow-up. Our insurance follow-up services are made to make sure that claims are paid on schedule. Our team is equipped with the necessary abilities to actively pursue every account.

Old AR Cleaning

We are aware of the significant financial losses incurred by healthcare providers as a result of poor insurance company follow-up. Our insurance follow-up services are made to make sure that claims are paid on schedule. Our team is equipped with the necessary abilities to actively pursue every account.

We Achieve AR Claims Processing Excellence by:

To help you bill co-insurance/deductible amounts to payers, carefully examine your accounts receivable balances and separate recoverable and non-collectible sums.

You can get a precise analysis of billing operations to identify and fix problems that result in claim denials or improper payments by outsourcing accounts receivable services to us.

Thorough examination of the accounts to develop a proper action strategy. Patterns in codes, procedures, or any operational issue can be found and analysed.

Reviewing the provider's adjustment policy and finding claims that need to be adjusted right away will give your organization's A/R ageing report a thorough physical.

Identification of claims that fall under the carrier's filing restrictions and those that were not paid in accordance with the contract. Resubmit all such claims along with the required paperwork.

AR Analysis and Conversion Services

  • Full Auditing

    Our staff includes some of the most competent and knowledgeable auditors who can handle all of your auditing needs. We provide clients with top-notch services while utilising the most recent A/R tools and technologies.

  • A/R Conversion Automation

    Modern scanning technologies are available to our staff, which can help to quickly automate the A/R conversion operations. Our services can significantly lower labour expenses for companies while also automating cheque processing.

  • Check Processing

    We have the necessary knowledge and experience to offer our clients the highest calibre check processing services. While providing the highest calibre services, we make use of the power of the most recent tools and technologies.

  • AR Reports Generation

    The healthcare provider must take the loss if the AR days are not maintained and the money does not arrive as expected because AR is a risky asset. However, you can identify the causes and make corrections if you conduct a complete AR Analysis. Therefore, you require professional AR analysis services that can produce an accurate, up-to-date report of your account receivables.

  • Claim Analysis

    Successful medical practises can suffer financially if AR days are left unchecked and erode their financial stability. Our Company a well-known provider of accounts receivable analysis services, may assist you in organising your company’s AR days by emphasising denials, appeals, patients’ plans, and reimbursement patterns. As a result, you may optimise both your internal operational procedures and healthcare expenditures.

  • Quality Analysis

    A claim may be denied or rejected for a variety of reasons. There are numerous grounds for rejecting or denying a medical claim. A claim may be rejected because to inconsistencies in the dates, incomplete or faulty forms, etc. Similar to how faulty patient identifiers, subscriber information that is missing, duplicate claims, etc. lead to denial.

    We can perform claim analysis for each claim if you decide to work with us on accounts receivable analysis and follow-up services. Prior to submission, our AR analysis team will evaluate each claim, keep a record of each claim, and conduct a monthly review.

AR Management Services Overview

AR Follow up Services Software Leverage

We are committed to offering our clients the best AP follow-up services available in a timely manner without interfering with their internal routines. We leverage the top accounts receivable software and technologies, including but not limited to – to make it feasible.

Why We are Supreme in AR Follow-up in Industry ?

A single-step journey

We've got your back when it comes to pursuing unpaid claims, starting collections, identifying the reasons for denials, or monitoring pending receivable balances. Our thorough approach guarantees a low denial rate and gives you more visibility into your outstanding cash values.

Quicker turn around

Dedicated account managers and delivery facilities open around-the-clock to maximise your healthcare revenue cycle. With 24-hour operations from 8 international distribution centres, productivity has increased and contact with the client base has become more reliable.

Greater Competencies

As a reputable provider of accounts receivable services in the USA, Weboast utilises the most up-to-date infrastructure to mobilise resources for challenging projects and guarantee quicker turnaround times. We can adjust our resources to fit your shifting business needs and keep you abreast of developments.

Dynamic engagement

We provide a variety of service models so that you can pick the one that best suits your requirements and price range. You may significantly save operating costs and complexity by using our AR management services.

Data Security

We are a HIPPA-compliant organisation with certification from the relevant industry bodies, providing accounts receivable services in the USA. To guarantee the highest level of protection for your information, we implement strict steps. For that, we support technological solutions like data encryption and controlled access.

Future Ready

We assist you in developing a road map and an action plan to deal with impending changes in accounts receivable in medical billing in addition to helping you with your present business difficulties. In order to achieve this, we assist you in getting the most out of technology like automation and analytics.

AR Process We Follow

  • 1. File Claim

    File Claim to the Insurance to get maximum reimbursement.

  • 2. Get Status

    Get the Updated status on the claim in minimum time.

  • 3. Identify Denial Issues

    Investigate and respond to disputed allegations by determining the cause

  • 4. Refile

    Resubmit the claim to the insurance after denial correction

  • 5. Finalize Pyment

    Finalize the claim after maximize reimbursement

Benefits of Choosing Us

Our business has more than ten years of experience in the field and has worked with clients in a variety of industries. Every time a client partners with us, we are able to provide them with superior services because to our experience across multiple industries and ongoing service development initiatives. You can hire us to handle your accounts receivable process for a number of reasons, including:

  • Affordable pricingĀ 

    We help businesses optimise their cash flow by offering timely and effective medical accounts receivable follow-up services at very reasonable prices.

  • Financial Data Security

    To guarantee that all of the client’s sensitive financial information is totally safe with us, we have the essential data security procedures in place and sign confidentiality agreements with them.

  • HIPAA Compliance

    We sign a HIPAA agreement when you outsource to us, assuring you that the patient and treatment data is kept confidential.

  • Highly Accurate Services

    To prevent unpaid claims from getting unreported, we make sure that all of your receivables are verified carefully on a regular basis and that all of the accounts are updated with the most recent information.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    We are cognizant of the value of time. As a result, we deliver our services quickly and make sure that your schedules are unaffected.

  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure

    Due to their access to cutting-edge infrastructure, our team of financial specialists is able to offer extremely effective services to clients worldwide.

  • Information Security

    Due to our organization’s ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Management System (ISMS) certification, all data is guaranteed to be absolutely secure.

  • Single Point of Contact

    When you outsource to us, we designate a committed project manager who will serve as your single point of contact and keep you informed at every stage of the project.