Collecting medical billing fees is one of the most important steps in the medical billing and coding process. This will determine the final reimbursement amount that the healthcare provider will receive from the insurance company. As this is the most critical step, it is important to hire an experienced and well-trained data entry specialist to perform this task effectively. Our medical billing services help healthcare providers improve and maintain uninterrupted cash flow, avoid late payments, and minimize claims rejections and denials. Our team of data entry experts ensures that every rate entry we make is completely error-free, taking care of even the smallest details that can have a significant impact on your bill later on.

Charge Entry Services We are Specialize In

Billing Information Entry

For the purpose of starting the charge entry procedure, we digitise client information and upload it to CRM systems. We go over and securely input all important patient data into the medical billing programme. We send out a team of subject matter experts to carry out services like data quality checks, QA checks to ensure the accuracy of patient data like social security numbers, illness information, and medical histories, and linear checks to record all the thorough information about patient treatment and costs incurred.

Patient Demographics Entry

We do a thorough evaluation of the patient's information and any supporting materials they supply, such as information about their insurance coverage, as a global charge entry services provider. Before entering this data into your CRM system, we use sophisticated software tools to check its accuracy. Our workflows are especially created to preserve the accuracy of patient information, and we have rigorous mechanisms in place to detect and report missing information. We use secure servers and FTP to begin and conclude information entry.

Billing Data Quality Check

As a leading provider of charge entry services globally, we take a "no compromise" approach to maintaining the quality of your company's data. At several points, our quality assurance team examines company data. To monitor the calibre of data being onboarded, we employ the most cutting-edge software tools and process automation techniques. All costs put into CRM and billing systems are 100% accurate thanks to our review mechanism. To guarantee easy access to patient billing information at all times, we have data backup solutions in place.

Assigning Charges

Our charge assignment procedure is comprehensive and accurate, starting with the creation of patient accounts and ending with the start of medical billing charge entry services. The information contained in the coded papers that we receive from our clients is preserved by our charge entry process. To make sure that the two aspects match, our team of professionals carefully examines medical codes and other data, such as treatment specifics. We validate the data and verify the patient's personal details, including their eligibility for treatment.

Charge Submission

When reviewing patient billing data during the charge submission process, we take a tailored approach. As a result of their training in CPT and HCPCS compliant coding rules, our team of professionals is able to guarantee that the charges that are generated for submission are accurate and of the highest calibre. In order to guarantee the accuracy of all information at the moment of charge entry, we use document management technologies with sophisticated functionality. Before charges are filed, the final data is thoroughly examined. We make sure that all CPT, ICD, and HCPCS regulatory and compliance requirements are strictly followed.

We make Charge Entry Services Excellent by:

In order to avoid unjustified delays in a patient's account receivables, we submit charges within a day.

Track performance metrics frequently to analyse mistake reports produced by practise management software, find coding problems, and more.

For various medical specialisations, we adapt our charge entry services to increase process efficiency and reduce errors.

We send out professionals who have already received pre-training in the operational framework used on-site, allowing them to carry out their duties with more accuracy.

Prior to their appointment, we distribute forms to new patients and help your employees with end-to-end insurance verification requirements.

Why We are Supreme in Charge Entry Services in Industry ?

Data Security

We promise to uphold a non-disclosure agreement and safeguard your private information. For optimal data protection, we conduct data transactions using VPN or SFTP.

Accurate Services

To ensure correctness, we closely monitor each entry. We make every effort to enter charges accurately in order to prevent missing any details that can result in claim denials.

Minimum Time

We have a history of finishing the charge entry, data verification, and claims dispatch procedures ahead of schedule.


You may choose to pay us according to the number of hours we devote to providing our charge entry services. We scale our solutions to fit your hourly requirements.

Minimize point of contact

We hire a lone individual who will be responsible for keeping you informed about our services. A single POC can answer all of your questions.

24/7 Availability

We have a team of professionals in several time zones who can accommodate your demands through your preferred contact method at any moment during the day.

The Charge Entry Process We Follow

  • 1. Receiving Files

    All of the client's checks, papers, and Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) are delivered to us, scanned, and transmitted to us.

  • 2. Downloading Files

    After receiving them, we download the client-sent files, carefully evaluate them, and assign them to the team in charge of posting payments.

  • 3. Enter Patient Details

    We carefully go over the patient info entries, which contain the name of the doctor, the service rendered, the cost of the bill, the dates of the patient visits, and more.

  • 4. Follow up

    Corrective actions are made in the case of partial payments following a careful review.

  • 5. Analyzing Denials

    When claims are denied or rejected, our team at Flatworld Solutions rapidly analyses the EOB claims and thoroughly investigates the situation. Then, we make all the crucial choices or actions required to ensure prompt payment of outstanding debts.

  • 6. Feedback Management

    We constantly solicit feedback from our customers and act on their suggestions to deliver the highest-caliber medical billing charge entry services possible.