HIPPA Complaince

The foundation for safeguarding patient and other health plan members’ privacy is provided by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) regulations. Covered healthcare providers and health plans can securely exchange information for treatment, payment, and other healthcare-related activities by means of the privacy regulations outlined in HIPAA. Therefore, HIPAA compliance is a sign of the legitimacy and experience of the provider. Although there are numerous HIPAA standards, medical outsourcing companies believe that the ones pertaining to security, privacy, and healthcare compliance are the most crucial.

Company's HIPPA Compliance

Physical Security Measures

Protected health information and security policy information are handled by a security officer, who also oversees our secure systems. Sensitive patient data is never compromised because data-capturing devices are not permitted. To keep paper printouts out of the wrong hands, only digital copies are used, even for data exchanges. Security personnel on duty around-the-clock further guarantee the total security of our premises.

Data Security Measures

Only computers used by our employees are allowed to access any confidential data. In order to reduce the risk of data theft, we work through the client's computer even when they ask us to work on their server because we have high security firewalls that keep information from leaving the system. Email access is restricted to process executives working with client data, and floppy and USB devices are not shared with anyone.

HIPPA Training

Our healthcare BPO business has a group of highly qualified programmers that are knowledgeable about the most recent global coding standards. The majority of our programmers are certified by the American Association of Professional programmers (AAPC), despite the fact that their levels of experience may differ.

Security Checks

We perform thorough background checks on potential hires' past employment histories as part of our recruitment process. HIPAA requires privacy and confidentiality training for all healthcare BPO workers. To even get inside the workplace or use the computers, you need to have general access credentials. Our employees also sign confidentiality agreements in addition to these. Programmes for HIPAA-compliant solutions are routinely audited, and any violations are addressed with corrective action plans.

In addition to the procedures already listed, we have a number of further measures in place to help us maintain complete HIPAA compliance:

  • The coding process followed at Irevenuebilling is as per HIPAA regulations
  • Purchased and subscribed to are books and medical publications that are recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the American Medical Association (AMA).
  • The reimbursement value of codes is not the basis for coding.
  • There are tight requirements for both procedural and diagnostic coding.