Do you see that your finances are spiralling out of control as a result of your rising accounts receivables outstanding? Your financial nervous system will be severely impacted by an unorganised healthcare billing process. Now is the time to consider outsourcing. You may organise the entire billing and collection process at a fraction of your existing operational expenditures by outsourcing your hospital billing obligations. With our hospital billing services and more than 19 years of expertise working in the healthcare sector, we can help you get the most out of outsourcing. Additionally, our team of professionals gives you a benefit in terms of time savings, accuracy, and quicker accounts receivable collection.

Hospital Billing Services We are Specialize in

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Verifying insurance eligibility for consumers is one of the crucial processes in the hospital billing process, and Flatworld Solutions offers flawless and precise services. Several of our clients have benefited from improved cash flow and reimbursements thanks to our services.

AR Follow up Service

Keeping track of every case of accounts receivable can be difficult and time-consuming. Within a short period of time, our staff can offer you the highest calibre accounts receivable follow-up services.

Analyze Denials

Organisations should keep track of claim denials since they can result in significant losses. Our team of analysts and professionals in hospital billing can assist you in keeping track of denials, improving the procedure and lowering the number of denials.

Patient Demographics Entry

As it is crucial to enter extremely correct data into the system, it is crucial to have an experienced team working on the patient demographic entry. You can get patient demographic input services from our hospital billing staff that are extremely precise and error-free.

Billing Charge Entry

The billing charge entry process is crucial since it determines the precise amount of compensation due to the healthcare organisation. In a short amount of time, our team offers clients the highest quality, error-free billing charge entry services.

Payment Posting

Our payment posting tool gives your practise an overview of its financial situation, enabling you to quickly spot problems like denials for uninsured services and prior permission.

We Achieve Hospital Billing Service Excellence by:

Make sure that you have insurance by using a clear inquiry method.

Bills should be coded and subjected to many rounds of review to ensure high correctness.

Keep abreast of payer requirements, and submit claims in accordance with any recent changes.

Complete all fields in the end-to-end patient registration process by cross-checking information about diagnoses and treatments.

Carefully review insurance policies for issues including underinsurance, underinsurance, deductibles, co-pays, etc.

Why We are Supreme in Hospital Billing in Industry ?

HIPPA Compliance

We follow all HIPAA regulations as a HIPAA compliant hospital billing provider, including the need for excellent documentation, well defined processes, and regular audits.

Data Security

We promise our clients total data security. To keep data safe and secure, we rely on firewalls, VPNs, strong wireless network systems, SSLs, and encryption techniques.

Consistant Training

To keep our programmers informed of the continuously evolving regulations set forth by regulatory authorities and other insurance payers, we regularly train them.

Auditing Claims

We conduct routine claims audits to identify weaknesses in current procedures so that they can be eliminated to ensure proper reimbursements.


With the aid of a multi-level quality check process for each crucial component of hospital billing, we ensure excellent accuracy levels.

Advance Infrastructure

We rely on cutting-edge technology like MediTouch, Nextgen, and eClinicalWorks to automate hospital billing procedures and maintain a steady stream of cash.

The Process We follow

  • 1. Pre-admission procedures

    We evaluate the patient's eligibility for insurance benefits under their coverage as well as any prerequisites, such as pre-authorization or referral, as part of this process. Following verification, we determine the patient's required co-payment and total deductible.

  • 2. Enter Patient Demographics

    Enter patient information like Date of birth, age, weight, address, and all other related Information.

  • 3. Medical Coding

    The medical coder examines many sources in a patient's file, including the doctor's transcription, results of diagnostic tests, imaging reports, and other sources, to confirm the services provided before assigning the proper codes.

  • 4. Charge Entry

    Charges from patient records are added to the patient's account. If the patient has just been enlisted, we set up a new patient account and fill in all the other necessary information obtained from the registration papers.

  • 5. Denial Management

    We pinpoint the cause of the rejection, address the problem, and resubmit the rejected claim. If the claim is rejected for reasons like insufficient information, the gaps are immediately filled. If the claim is rejected because of errors made by the patient, the patient will be charged for the claim.

  • 6. Follow up

    To reduce the AR days as much as possible, we tenaciously seek unpaid claims. In order to ensure that denied and underpaid claims are processed and completely reimbursed on time, our accounts receivable management team also makes sure that appeals are filed for both types of claims as soon as possible.

  • 7. Payment Posting

    To make sure that all pertinent information about the payment is entered into the system, we carefully review the scanned EOBs (Explanation of Benefits). The data is then suitably updated in the patient accounts.

  • 8. Reporting

    After confirming that an overpayment has been made, we offer credit balance processing for both payers and patients. This service makes sure the right stakeholder receives refunds on time and accurately.

Why Choose us ?

You can gain access to a number of advantages by outsourcing hospital billing services to our company. Among the main factors motivating you to select us are:

  • Choosing our hospital billing services will result in a 60% reduction in your operating expenditures.
  • HIPAA compliant hospital billing services
  • ISO 27001:2013 ISMS certified organization
  • Timely billing of accounts
  • Creation of billing status reports in real-time
  • To ensure error-free billing, structured procedures and quality control techniques are used.
  • Increased collection ratio with a faster collection of accounts receivables (AR)
  • Increased reimbursements by over 20%
  • Dedicated project manager for all your needs
  • 24/7 availability via phone or email
  • Easily scalable services at any time
  • High-quality and error-free hospital billing services
  • Modern infrastructure to provide top-notch services
  • Utilise cutting-edge tools and technology

Additionally, we may relieve you of all administrative duties so you can focus on improving patient care rather than on the menial tasks.