Physically visiting stores to shop is getting less and less popular. The smart way to buy, save money, and spend your time more efficiently is now to browse websites, take advantage of the freedom of mobility, and simply wait for the things to be delivered to your doorstep. The pharmacy industry has found its niche while the majority of retail moves online. Customers from every demographic are catered to by Mail Order Pharmacy, from those who require ongoing medical care to those who just need some over-the-counter medications.

Do you, as a chemist, have the resources to serve these online customers? Has your team received the training necessary to manage internet orders? You’ve come to the proper place if you want your personnel to concentrate on the currently running business while leaving the trouble of reviewing online prescriptions, obtaining authorizations, etc. to a reputable service provider. We provide pharmaceutical business services, have medical subject matter expertise, and a dependable process deployment service for the time-sensitive pharmaceutical industry.

Mail Order Pharmacy Services We Offer


Prescription forms are used to communicate requests for medications from patients or doctors. Every received document is scanned and examined. This method determines the treatment's urgency based on a predetermined triage degree and requires no personal intervention. We automate it at our company utilising a bar code scanner and optical character recognition technology, which guarantees that more time is saved and that the likelihood of error is decreased.

Refill Request Control

We provide effective refill order services for customers who prefer to have their medications supplied on a regular basis. Prior to processing and delivery, our chemists carefully review each refill order. We take care to provide the thorough operational efficiency that this process requires.

Billing and Authorization Management

We have a procedure in place that takes care of authorizations by faxing the paperwork straight to the relevant doctor, which speeds up the order fulfilment process. Our authorisation management service, which includes tracking, verification, approvals, follow-ups, and on-time delivery, makes all of this possible.

Convenient Home Delivery of Prescriptions

We can assist you if you want a registered pharmacy to send up to three months' worth of prescriptions to your door, and we can help you track the shipment using a tracking app. The advantage of working with a mail order pharmacy like ours is that you may select the prescriptions and drugs you want to be sent and give the delivery partner a day or two to complete the delivery.

Why we are best for you ?

The advantages of selecting order pharmacy services for pharmacists are listed below. –

  1. It will assist you in 24/7 target base expansion.
  2. You may focus on your offline business and relieve your team of the responsibility of handling postal orders.
  3. Since qualified and licenced chemists examine and handle orders, expanding your firm to offer mail order services is an opportunity that is largely risk-free.
  4. Since most “Mail Order Pharmacy”-related activities take place in real-time, you not only cut operational expenses but also provide speedier turnaround times.
  5. Your ability to handle online pricing and promotions is improved.