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Radiology, Pathology, EMR, ENT, Medical Reports and Surgery Transcription Services

With the help of expert medical transcription services, you may raise patient care, manage seasonal staffing variations, and improve the quality and accessibility of medical transcripts. We provide all type of medical transcription services and much more …

Medical Transcription Services

Your valuable time is wasted on internal note dictation and patient accounting when it could be used to provide excellent patient care and manage a flourishing medical practise. As more patients need specialised treatment, this complexity is exacerbated by changing care practises. As a result, medical transcribing has developed from simple data entry to a specialised job requiring understanding of intricate medical terminologies. You may get rid of erroneous transcripts and enhance patient care with the aid of a reputable medical transcribing business like ours.

Our transcriptionists are familiar with medical jargon and work hard to ensure that no data is entered incorrectly. We transcribe operation reports, consultation notes, laboratory data, and discharge summaries from medical records and dictations. The majority of the information we receive is in the form of notes that are dictated into a phone, toll-free number, or other electronic device. Our dark to dawn strategy makes sure that these spoken notes are swiftly typed up and distributed the following day. Do you utilise an EHR platform? Additionally, we upload transcripts into your EHR system, streamlining internal processes. With the aid of our medical transcription services, you may enhance practice-wide communication and provide better patient care by receiving EHR-integrated medical transcripts.

Emergency Room Transcription Services

Our professional team expertly and precisely transcribes audio recordings of ER reports, triage notes, and urgent care summaries.

Medical Reports Transcription Services

Our experienced team ensures that all medical reports, consultation notes, and test results are accurately transcribed.

Follow up Notes Transcription Services

With rates starting at a low price per read, our follow-up notes transcription specialists accurately transcribe the follow-up notes to improve patient care and productivity.

Progress Notes Transcription Services

Choose our team's error-free services to effectively complete your projects and take your business to the next level for just the lowest pricing per FTE each month.

Pain Management Transcription Service

We make sure that prescriptions, medical histories, and follow-up notes are accurately recorded in pain management in order to archive records, streamline future consultations, and start at the lowest costs.

Internal Medicine Transcription Services

Access internal medicine transcriptions from an expert staff that are HIPAA compliant and start at the lowest pricing.

Dermatology Transcription Services

Our skilled team accurately and completely transcribes dermatology exam notes, biopsy reports, treatment plans, and other important papers.

EMR Transcription Service

Utilise our EMR transcription services to store and retrieve patient records more quickly and conveniently!

Surgery Transcription Services

In order to guarantee unmatched accuracy and attention to detail, our knowledgeable team meticulously transcribes audio recordings of surgical procedures, operative reports, and post-operative care instructions.

Cardiology Transcription Services

Choose our team's error-free services to effectively complete your projects and take your business to the next level for just the lowest pricing per FTE each month.

Oncology Transcription Service

Our skilled crew pays painstaking attention to detail when transcribing audio recordings of oncology reports, treatment plans, and consultation notes.

Pathology Transcription Services

Our knowledgeable crew pays particular attention to accuracy and medical terminologies as they meticulously translate pathology reports, laboratory results, and diagnostic summaries into written reports.

Neurology Transcription Services

Choose our team's error-free services to effectively complete your projects and take your business to the next level for just the lowest pricing per FTE each month.

ENT Transcription Service

For a variety of ENT diseases, we accurately transcribe discharge summaries, operation reports, chart notes, and patient progress reports.

Ophthalmology Transcription Services

We employ bilingual specialists who are acquainted with the accents and jargon used in ophthalmology. Click here for more information.

Urology Transcription Services

We assist urology specialists with numerous dictation formats. Click her for more details and excellent services at affordable price.

Radiology Transcription Service

We're ready to provide first-rate radiology transcribing services for a range of radiological reports such as X-Ray, CT, PET, Ultrasound etc

Psychiatry Transcription Services

We employ bilingual specialists who are acquainted with the accents and jargon used in psychiatry. Click here for more information.

Transcription Process We Follow

  • 1. Receive Dictations

    Customers can give us audio dictation files or handwritten text reports in any common digital format, including WAV, DSS, VOX, and MP3.

  • 2. Transcribe

    Our company's transcription experts transcribe the materials.

  • 3. Making Reports

    Custom specifications unique to your facility and healthcare regulations like HIPAA/HL7 are adhered to at our end

  • 4. Finalizing and Dispatching

    Within 24 hours, we deliver you transcribed emergency room reports through encrypted email or FTP transfer.

Software We use for Healthcare Transcription Services

Being a top provider of medical transcription services, we are committed to offering the highest calibre work as quickly as possible. Utilising the greatest and most advanced transcription methods and technologies allows for this. Among the important devices and software we use are:

Why Choose us a Medical Transcription Company ?

You can gain a number of advantages by hiring a medical or healthcare transcribing service outside of your organization. Among the main factors motivating you to select us are:

  • Skilled and Qualified Team

    Our transcriptionists receive training in transcription. As a result, they become experts who are knowledgeable about medical jargon. Team members tackle transcription tasks with ease because they have more than 5–6 years of expertise.

  • HIPAA Compliant Services

    You get access to a dedicated, HIPAA-trained team when you work with us as a partner. This guarantees that all of your important patient health records are safe and secure with no room for security lapses.

  • Multi-level Quality Checks

    You will receive transcripts that are free of errors thanks to our workflow. Our quality assurance team examines the final product and fixes contextual and technical mistakes.

  • Custom Turnaround with Dusk-to-dawn Approach

    You can benefit from the overnight turnaround time to get reports back sooner because we have numerous distribution centres, among other places.

  • Delivery in Multiple File Formats

    We give the final transcripts in a variety of formats, including MS Word, WordPerfect, HTML, ASCII, and others, in addition to immediately transcribing into your medical records software.

  • Complete Data Security

    Only individuals with authorization are able to access the medical transcription reports since we use secure file transmission protocols. The transcribed files are either directly incorporated into the client’s EHR system or shared back via password-protected and encrypted files.

  • 24/7 Availability

    We offer round-the-clock help to our clients. Call centre executives, project managers, and transcriptionists are all reachable by phone, email, or other means of communication of your choosing.

  • Flexible Pricing

    We are aware of how specialized medical transcribing is. We therefore offer a flexible price structure where you will only be charged based on the complexity of the project, the resources’ level of skill, and the technologies used.