Our Services

Medical Answering Services

The first programme that Irevenuebilling offered was our medical answering service solution. We can tailor our over 20 years of experience to meet your demands, and we recognise the value of a well-designed answering service solution.

Appointment Scheduling

Irevenuebilling will take the time to be trained to use your current appointment scheduling system or incorporate our web-based system and create a customised programme that best meets your needs.

Customer Service and Help Desk

Your HIPAA-compliant communications leader, Irevenuebilling, can help you begin and expedite your clinical trial recruitment and retention programmes with its clinical trial expertise and contact centre skills.

Patient Access Call center

Simplifying your calls to our Patient Access Call Centre will help you prevent problems. Your personnel will work less hard thanks to our virtual call centre, freeing you up to concentrate on your medical practise.

Benefits of Choosing Us


Increase in Productivity


Increase in Appointment per month


Decrease in holding time


Referrals generated to physician offices

Why We are Supreme in Industry ?

Increase Revenue

Medical businesses may concentrate on tasks that generate income thanks to our specialised services, resulting in higher returns and ongoing profitability.

Affordable Solutions

Medical organisations can acquire top-notch yet inexpensive support by utilising our services. Our global delivery centres are thoughtfully positioned in areas with affordable access to a competent labour force.

Minimum Processing Time

We promise faster service turnaround times because our professionals work from a number of international delivery centres spread across Asia, North America.

Advance Infrastructure

Because our employees work from a number of foreign delivery centres dispersed across Asia and North America, we promise quicker service response times.

Fast Processing

We provide quick scaling alternatives for your operations thanks to our extensive talent pool and global presence. Scale up or down seamlessly as needed, with the least amount of disruption and highest level of effectiveness.

HIPPA Compliance

You can relax knowing that we strictly follow HIPAA regulations and keep up with new needs. Our clients put their trust in us to uphold strict compliance, guaranteeing the protection and privacy of private medical information.