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Streamline your collection, billing, and reimbursement processes and refocus on patient care delivery with comprehensive medical billing solutions.

Medical Billing Solutions

Is the performance of your healthcare organisation being hampered by administrative duties?

A healthcare practise may lose precious time as a result of administrative tasks including medical billing, insurance follow-ups, claims processing, and other things. Healthcare providers supply patients with vital services, and their financial operations depend on the billing process. Medical billing services that are effective are essential for both support and a profitable revenue generation cycle. By deciding to outsource your administrative needs to an established medical billing business, you will receive the most effective option.

With the appropriate medical billing services, you can guarantee lower operational costs and maximise patient care. Flatworld Solutions, a knowledgeable medical billing firm, can efficiently manage all activities associated with the medical billing process, such as adhering to HIPAA regulations or expediting the collection process. We are aware that healthcare providers experience difficulties such as missing charges, underpricing, non-reimbursed errors, coding errors, and more, which result in a sizable income loss for them each year. As a result, we have created our medical billing consulting services with the goal of avoiding discrepancies and providing precise outputs.

One of the top companies offering medical claims billing services is ours. We are aware of your particular needs and provide solutions that are specialised to your company’s needs. Among the important medical billing services we provide are the following:

Physician Billing Service

To ensure quicker reimbursements, we streamline the entire billing and collection process for hospitals.

Hospital Billing Service

To ensure quicker reimbursements, we streamline the entire billing and collection process for hospitals.

Dental Billing Service

Our licenced and competent medical billing experts can easily handle all of your billing requirements.

Urgent Care Billing Services

Choose our services for billing and collections for urgent care practises at costs that start off lower

Emergency Billing Service

We reduce your workload by taking care of the coding and billing tasks in your emergency medicine department at a reasonable price.

Pharmacy Billing Service

We provide consolidated billing services to the durable medical equipment business as a medical billing service provider.

Hospice Medical Billing Services

By hiring us to handle your hospice billing, you'll have more time and resources to concentrate on your core skills and deliver superior patient care.

DME Medical Billing Service

Choosing to outsource DME billing services to us is the most secure way to maintain concentration on your key skills. We put in endless effort to improve your cash flow and get you larger reimbursements.

Mental Health Medical Billing Service

Our staff of experts in mental health billing solutions has been with us for 19 years, allowing providers in the behavioural healthcare sector to concentrate on expanding their practises.

Our Specialties in Medical Billing

Cardiology Medical Billing Services

From patient onboarding to charge posting, our skilled team of AAPC-certified coding and billing professionals will guarantee efficient handling of all operations.

Orthopedic Medical Billing Services

Since we first began offering our clients various services under the heading of orthopaedic medical billing services, ten years have passed.

Neurology Medical Billing Services

Choose our team's error-free services to effectively complete your projects and take your business to the next level for just the lowest pricing per FTE each month.

Pediatric Medical Billing Services

We are the only company that possesses the necessary training, experience, and knowledge to offer clients precise and effective paediatric billing services.

Gynecology Medical Billing Service

Our billing procedure for gynaecology is HIPAA compliant and serves as an example of how we efficiently handle denial handling, account reconciliation, and claims filing.

Plastic Surgery Medical Billing Services

In order to guarantee unmatched accuracy and attention to detail, our knowledgeable team meticulously billed audio recordings of surgical procedures, operative reports, and post-operative care instructions.

Anesthesia Medical Billing Services

As a leading provider of anaesthesia billing services, we provide a comprehensive range of billing solutions to minimise denials and accelerate payments.

Gastroenterology Medical Billing Service

We are our clients' preferred provider of gastroenterology billing services since we have developed a deep understanding of the billing process.

Pathology Medical Billing Services

Our knowledgeable crew pays particular attention to accuracy and medical terminologies for excellent medical billing services.

Urology Medical Billing Services

We assist urology specialists with numerous dictation formats. Click her for more details and excellent services at affordable price.

Radiology Medical Billing Service

We're ready to provide first-rate radiology medical billing services for a range of radiological reports such as X-Ray, CT, PET, Ultrasound etc

Otolaryngology Transcription Services

As a reputable provider of otolaryngology billing services, we carefully manage the medical billing procedure.

We Achieve Medical Billing Processing Excellence by:

Offering a wide choice of services boosts revenue, lowers operating expenses, and billing efficiency.

Assisting you in collecting payments from clients who might not be able to pay in full at the place of service.

Tracking patient payments and frequency of payments from beginning to conclusion.

Informing patients of their payment obligations and available payment methods

Tracking account receivables, both unpaid and paid, and comparing them to prior quarters.

The process We Follow for Medical Billing

We believe in offering customers the highest calibre services in a timely manner because we are one of the top providers of medical claims processing services. This is made feasible by using a streamlined and organised procedure for handling medical claims. The essential steps in our approach are as follows:

  • 1. Patient Registration

    The registration of the patient's information is the initial stage in medical billing services. This includes demographic information like name, birthdate, residence, and insurance data. To prevent delays or rejection, our medical billing specialists make sure that all relevant data is appropriately gathered.

  • 2. Charge Entry

    After the patient has been registered, the physician records every action and service rendered throughout the appointment. To prevent any coding errors that can result in inaccurate invoicing, our medical billing specialists make sure that these are appropriately reported.

  • 3. Medical Coding

    The process of converting processes and services into the proper billing codes is known as coding. To guarantee that the claims are properly reimbursed, our team of professionals makes sure that the appropriate codes are assigned to each process.

  • 4. Submission of Claims

    Our team submits claims to the insurance companies for payment after performing medical coding and billing. To avoid claims being rejected or refused, this stage necessitates thorough follow-up and great attention to detail.

  • 5. Payment Posting

    Our medical billing professionals record the amount paid and compare it to the claim that was initially submitted as soon as the payment is received. We make sure that the payments are accurately and swiftly processed.

  • 6. AR Follow and Analyzing Denials

    When claims are rejected or denied, our team takes the required action to fix the problem and guarantee prompt payment. In order to pinpoint areas where the billing procedure needs to be improved, we also examine the causes of the denials.

  • 7. Reporting

    To properly assess incoming cash flow, we analyse your electronic health records (EHR) and deliver important reports and insights. A thorough Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statement is included.