Medication treatment management services, also referred to as MTM, are a collection of services that healthcare providers provide to patients to ensure the best possible therapeutic results. The effectiveness of these programmes or services is increased for patients who require complex drug regimens from many prescribers for a variety of chronic diseases. These treatments also assist such individuals in lowering their excessive prescription costs. Medication therapy management can be provided by chemists and medical professionals. It has been determined via significant research into the effectiveness of pharmaceutical therapy services that these services maximise the effects of therapies and treatments. The greatest option is to collaborate with a seasoned provider of pharmaceutical therapy management services when you have a number of important tasks to attend to.

We provide cost-effective drug therapy management services that make life easier for both chemists and pharmaceutical companies. With more than 19 years of experience in the healthcare BPO and pharmacy business management sectors, we provide the most incisive medication therapy management services that benefit both your company and the patients who have placed their trust in you.

Medication Therapy Management Services We Offer

Support For Disease Management

Support for illness management includes both prescription and non-drug therapy, as well as dietary and other lifestyle modifications, to prevent, treat, or manage a condition. When offering support for illness management, the chemist will devise an effective treatment plan and interventions that require the patient to be proactive and take charge of their own care.

Pharmacotherapy Consults

We may also help our clients with pharmacotherapy consultations, which are recommendations that come from a doctor or another chemist. Consultations on pharmacotherapy are typically particularly targeted to more complex circumstances when the patients have complex medical issues. The goal of a pharmacotherapy consultation is to employ safe, effective, and clinically-appropriate medicine to improve the treatment outcomes for the patients. We have a group of chemists who are qualified to provide complex pharmaceutical therapy services since they have the necessary training, experience, and expertise.

Surveillance for Medication Safety

There is a need for laws that assist keep a check on safety to prevent medication errors or any other associated accidents, even though medication therapy services can be quite successful in treating and controlling medication-related illnesses in patients. Our experts can provide you with pharmaceutical safety surveillance programmes to greatly lower the risk of dangers or negative outcomes.


We also help chemists provide vaccinations as part of physician-collaborative practise agreements for managing pharmaceutical therapy. When a patient has a disease that can be treated with a vaccine, they are given information about the disease and the vaccine as well as useful immunisation services. When necessary, we can provide patients of our clients with helpful information and the advantages of immunisation while keeping our clients informed and reporting it to them. This lessens the workload while ensuring that the patient receives the best therapy possible for their particular health issues.

Medication Therapy Reviews

The Medication Therapy Management Core Elements Service Model Version 2.01 includes this as one of its fundamental components. Our pharmacy business service specialists help our clients gather patient-related data in a methodical manner so that they can investigate and find the finest prescription therapy for their specific drug-related issues. In addition to gathering and analysing data, we also develop a practical, practical plan to address the medication-related issues for the patients of our customer.

Clinical Services

We also have a sizable and effective team of experts on staff that are skilled in providing a variety of additional clinical services that are in demand right now. Among many more, some of them include nutrition, personnel screening and health services, and services for veterinary pharmacies. The treatment of anticoagulation in relation to pharmaceutical therapy is another area in which we can help our clients.

Medication Therapy Process

  • 1. Review Medication Therapy

    We perform an initial evaluation of patient records to comprehend their current illnesses and whether they are receiving therapy for the same.

  • 2. EMR Services

    We will make contact with specific patients, under oath of confidentiality, and evaluate particular prescription specifics by asking questions and cross-referencing data with the electronic medical record.

  • 3. Action Plan

    Based on the patient's capacity to continue receiving treatment, we create a plan of action that is unique to them.

  • 4. Follow up

    We will monitor the patient's progress with the treatment recommended by the doctors and make sure they are following their instructions.

Why Choose Us

  • Affordable Pricing

    Our services’ intelligent pricing strategies, which make them affordable for many clients with both small- and large-scale requirements, are one of their most notable advantages. We provide the industry’s most affordable price options so you can use drug therapy management services without going over budget.

  • Data Security

    When you collaborate with us, we guarantee that all the data and information you disclose with us about your company and patients will remain safe and secure with us. To avoid unauthorised access or a breach of data security, we implement stringent data security procedures.

  • Professional Team

    We have a group of internal chemists with extensive backgrounds in a variety of healthcare roles. They have the training necessary to perform their jobs well.

  • Better Contact Point

    We appoint a personal project manager to you when you choose to work with us so that you have a single point of contact for all of your questions and feedback. This removes confusion brought on the communication. Additionally, the project manager will keep you updated at all times and occasionally let you know how the project is progressing.

  • Fast Turnaround Times

    Our group of well vetted experts makes sure that they complete each assignment on time without sacrificing the calibre of the work. We promise short turnaround times and take great care to uphold those commitments.

  • 24/7 Support

    You can get in touch with us by phone, email, or the chat feature on our website if you have any questions or require information on our services. Regardless of your location or time zone, we will respond to you quickly thanks to our several distribution centres.