With more people to care for, the medical field is evolving and becoming more complex for physicians and nurses. It is expected of these professionals to do more and provide high-quality service.

The problem lies in the fact that circumstances such as these cause people to have to wait longer when they call. 18 minutes and 39 seconds is the average wait time, according to statistics.

Patients frequently give up after a lengthy wait because they are tired of it. Patients perceive your organisation as being uncaring and lacking empathy for their situation.

By making your calls to our Patient Access Call Centre more efficient, you may steer clear of problems like these. Your personnel will work less hard thanks to our virtual call centre, freeing you up to concentrate on your medical practise. Here’s how our Patient Access Call Centre increases patient happiness while benefiting your company.

What is Patient Access Call center ?

Our Patient Access Call Centre collaborates with numerous hospitals, physicians, and health systems. These businesses and experts want to increase income, keep patients from leaving, and provide better experiences for patients.

For instance, a patient is put in a wait at Broward Hospital when they call in. Depending on the volume of calls and the workload, these wait times change. Waiting to talk with the appropriate individuals irritates patients.

We at Irevenuebilling do away with these waiting periods and connect patients with the specialists and services they require right away. By assisting the patient with scheduling, triage, and question-answering, our services improve the whole experience. The patient feels that you care about them and that you are more attentive to their requirements.

Eligibility and Verification

1.8 million patients lack adequate insurance each year and are unaware of the extent of their plans’ coverage. More time and money must be invested by your personnel in learning about co-pays, individual accountability, and coverage possibilities.

You waste time and money on research that could be done more efficiently elsewhere because of all these considerations.

Patients can learn more about what is covered using our patient access services. Compared to what is covered by insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid, you devote more time to the practise of medicine.

Irevenuebilling has been assisting professionals and providers in streamlining their operations for 20 years. We provide you with up-to-date patient eligibility information, freeing up your personnel to attend to other, more urgent work.


Patient Appointment Reminder

It is necessary to remind your patients 24 hours in advance of their visits. Your team will find things challenging and time-consuming if they have a heavy caseload. Everybody receives a call from our patient appointment reminder informing them of their impending appointments.

When it comes to attending to your patients’ requirements, Irevenuebilling excels. We are experts in many fields, such as ambulatory care and patient access management. By using our services, your staff’s workload is reduced, allowing you to concentrate on your medical practise.