Payment posting, one of the last processes in the medical billing process, is crucial for a successful revenue cycle. Any denials can be handled using accurate payment posting techniques once payments have been recorded to patient accounts. However, timely completion and meticulousness are crucial components of the payment posting work and cannot be accomplished by just anyone. By outsourcing payment posting to us, a top provider of healthcare BPO services, you may save money while streamlining the process for your medical practise. To guarantee that the outsourced payment posting in medical billing process is finished in accordance with your company requirements while preserving industry standards, we adhere to best practises in quality management and information security.


Our Payment Posting Services

Track Cash Inflows

In the healthcare industry, payment posting also has the additional duty of helping a practise keep accurate records of their financial input. We help you keep track of all outstanding account receivables in real-time as a top provider of payment posting. We make it possible for you to monitor cash inflows throughout the process and to take action to eliminate any bottlenecks.

Post Patient Payments

We help our clients post patient payments so that the outstanding debts are collected from patients rather than payers. We take quick action to prevent an inflated AR for your practise. We are able to quickly and easily address credit balance difficulties or move pending accounts to secondary insurers thanks to our experience managing patient payments made using a variety of methods, including checks, cash, and credit cards.

Post ERAs

We assist you in handling electronic high volume payment transactions with this posting service. The files will be loaded into your RCM system, checked for discrepancies and errors, and any faults will be fixed using the ERA tool's features. Our ERA posting services are intended to do away with manual labour, reduce posting mistakes, and boost the general effectiveness of your payment posting system.

Manually Post Payments

We extract payment amounts from scanned copies of Explanation of Benefit (EOB) documents using the manual payment posting service, and we post them to the appropriate patient accounts. For accurate payments, write-offs, balance transfers, and adjustments, we rely on the best manual payment posting procedures and industry-specific regulations. After the posting is complete, our professionals work with the department of rejections to start the dues collection process.

Post Denials

With the help of our denial posting service, we enter denials into your practise system while also starting processes like secondary insurance billing, adjusting balances, entering the remaining balance due into payer accounts, starting write-offs in accordance with your policies, and adding denials to denial management queues. Our professionals can increase the efficiency of your payment posting procedure because they are fully knowledgeable about ANSI denial codes and various payer codes.

Analyze EOBs

The EOB includes a number of criteria, including the names of the patients, account numbers, service dates, procedure codes, confirmation of denials, deductibles, co-insurance amounts, etc. Our payment posting executives enter the information while also analysing the information to find associated payments, such as the percentage of insurance receivables, the frequency of inflows, denials, etc., and then appropriately record it.

We make Payment Posting Excellent by:

Identifying denials for medical necessity, non-covered service, service not authorized, etc. and prevent them from occurring again

Updating the patient's obligation when the authorised amount and the payment amount differ

Erasing the gap between the actual claim that was submitted and the claims that were received

Regular payment reviews to maintain receivables current

Tracking payment trends to spot irregularities and abnormalities

Our Payment Posting Process

Our method for posting payments in the healthcare industry is based on a few clear procedures that help our clients determine who is responsible for which patients, adjust past-due balances, write off debts, start refund requests, etc.

  • 1. Verify Payment Details

    Carefully check all patient information included in the EOB (Explanation of Benefits), including co-payment information, billed amounts, adjusted amounts, and authorised amounts.

  • 2. Patient Payments

    For services that payers do not cover, we record all payments made by patients in the form of checks, cash, or credit cards as co-pays or deductibles.

  • 3. ERA Processing

    Remittance advice is delivered electronically to us, and we review it before posting payments. For simpler bookkeeping, we easily separate paid from unpaid ERAs.

  • 4. EOB Processing

    Reconciling patient accounts requires entering specific claim information into each one's account. We carry this out in accordance with guidelines unique to each client.

  • 5. Posting Denials

    the posting of claim denials, the transfer of any remaining funds to patient accounts, or the rebilling of a secondary insurance provider.

Why We are Supreme in Payment Posting in Industry ?

Create policies write-offs

We create clear policies for corrections and write-offs. This enables us to alert you to unusual contractual alterations that could have an effect on your revenue cycle.

Denial Management Expedite

We maintain a record of all refused claims and forward them right away to the denial management team for timely review and resubmission to payers.

Analytics-Based Inputs

In addition to non-covered services, denials, prior authorization, co-payment, deductible, and front office collections, we also offer input on overall revenue trends.

File claims to secondary payers

Our services assist you to identify and process claims with secondary payers and ensure you get paid for any remaining balances.

Manage Knowledge

All of your business process rules are stored in our practise management systems so that we can stay current with changes and help you stay current.


We give you access to dashboards that give you real-time information on the state of your cash flow and where adjustments are needed.

Benefits of Payment Posting with us

When compared to our rivals, what sets us apart is our competence in payment posting mixed with our experience in the medical billing and coding industry. With our help, you can outsource payment posting services and gain these advantages:

  • Analyze Your Revenue Cycle to Increase Profits

    Following the posting of payments to patient accounts, you have the chance to assess your revenue cycle and look for areas for improvement. By improving profitability and accounts receivable days, and by maximising your revenue cycle, our skilled payment posting analysts help you.

  • Resolve Repeating Problems and Avoid Denials

    You have the opportunity to evaluate your revenue cycle and look for opportunities for improvement after the posting of payments to patient accounts. Our knowledgeable payment posting experts assist you by enhancing profitability, decreasing accounts receivable days, and optimising your revenue cycle.

  • Improve Current Processes

    The effectiveness of the medical office employees is directly impacted by the revenue cycle activities. Once the issue has been located, our team works with you to decide whether the procedure could be added, enhanced, or eliminated from the current ones in order to increase the revenue cycle’s performance.

  • Speedup Denial Resolution Time

    Preventing denials is the best approach to deal with them, but this is not always possible. Your total number of accounts receivable days increases by one day for each day that your denials are unresolved. Our team is able to swiftly locate denials and properly re-file them in order to drastically cut down on the A/R days.

  • Accurate Claims Submissions to Secondary Payers

    The accuracy of claims submissions to secondary and tertiary payers is also impacted by accurate payment posting. To guarantee that the secondary and tertiary payments are billed out correctly, we make sure the first payment is posted accurately. This guarantees increased vendor and client satisfaction.

  • Analytics.

    We generate reports on A/R trends to:

    • Understand the reason for denials,

    • document the cases requiring eligibility and authorization to improve point of service collections,

    • understand the services that are covered or not covered by different payers, and

    • learn about the typical time to process payments by your insurance company

Why Choose Us ?

Since more than ten years ago, our highly skilled team has been offering payment posting services to customers all over the world. The following are some of the main justifications for selecting us:

  • We accurately publish claims that demonstrate overall billing effectiveness and analyse factors contributing to poor inflows.
  • Depending on the quantity and kind of denials, we employ our knowledge of denial management to resolve the issue and reduce the number of denials.
  • In order to ensure information accuracy in accordance with our clients’ needs, we have the necessary domain competence and experience.
  • In comparison to other billers, we can quickly and easily read and analyse EOBs.
  • EOBs help us to understand why a patient must pay the remaining balance in situations when there is no insurance, there are deductibles and co-insurance requirements, etc.
  • We offer quick turnaround, cost-effective payment posting services.