Are you having a hard time surviving in a market where profit margins are shrinking and competition is rising? Do you need a system to streamline and automate your billing management processes? Then you require pharmaceutical billing! Companies are automating their management systems regardless of the industry or vertical. Pharmacy billing services, which are essential to a pharmacy’s day-to-day operations and need accuracy and integrity, are one of the most significant advancements to have attracted the attention of pharmacists and businesses in the pharmacy industry worldwide. Our top-notch and precise pharmaceutical billing services will speed up your billing processes by automatically figuring out discounts, taxes, posts, reimbursements, and other factors. Additionally, we can assist you in improving your billing procedures and adding the appropriate codes for accurate billing.

Pharmacy Billing Services We are Specialize in

Census Updates

Census maintenance, which involves keeping accurate data of the patient and the payee, is a crucial task from the perspective of medical billing. It entails documenting information about patient discharges, physician changes, etc. All of information is crucial, especially if one of your clients wants to file a medical claim.


The first phase in the medical billing process is admission, during which patient information such as name, age, blood type, medical history, diagnostic results, past prescriptions, known allergies, etc. are recorded.

Billing Management System

We create billing management solutions that make sure all necessary authorizations are obtained before processing starts. As a result, there are fewer claim denials and patients are always covered by a health plan. Our authorisation systems are geared to handle all drug classes and levels of emergencies.

Refils Management

Another area that demands careful consideration and prompt action is refill management because repeat consumers won't be very patient with you. As a leading provider of pharmacy billing services, we will assist you in setting up all the necessary approvals and reminders so that you can handle a customer's request for a refill as soon as possible.

AR Follow up

We take care and treat it with a lot of attention since we are aware of how every little service that is not billed immediately affects your bottom line. The main goal of this service is to make sure that only rendered services are recorded and billed when appropriate.

Payment Posting

Although pharmacy billing likely requires the most labour, the good news is that it can be automated. We'll work with you to speed up manual payment postings, automatically post insurance payments, and take less time entering data.

The Process We follow

  • 1. Receive Mail

    The Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) team sends us the mail order via Opex or another FTP/scanning tool in the first phase. With the manufacturer, the group would haggle prices for better discounts.

  • 2. Verifying Details

    Following the conclusion of the discussions, our team of pharmacy billing specialists will confirm all patient information, including name, address, SSN number, dependent information, etc., as well as physician information, including name, NTI number, etc.

  • 3. Data Management

    Each document is scanned, categorised, and transformed from the original scanned format to a system-readable format.

  • 4. Check Overall Medication

    After the data is transformed, the status of medicine refills is verified, which aids in determining the amount of medication needed given the length of the prescription.

  • 5. Organizing

    In this phase, we identify the precise brand name of the recommended medications and offer the generic names of the molecule, further reducing prices.

  • 6. Placing Order

    If the prescription medication is a generic, we proceed to entering the order into the client's programme. The insurance provider will receive a copy of the order, and the patient will also receive one. The order is typically placed for emergency supplies within 30 minutes of receiving it.

  • 7. Tracking Order

    Our committed team will monitor the shipment until it is delivered to the patient. In situations where the delivery is delayed by the logistics side, the escalations are followed.

  • 8. Billing Management

    As soon as we get a payment cheque, we update it in the billing management system and send out notifications for the payment's due dates. In addition, if necessary, we offer services for posting payments and following up on accounts receivable.

Why Choose us ?

  • Data Security

    We recognise how crucial it is to protect patient information when it comes to pharmacy billing. In addition to signing confidentiality agreements, we also carry out routine audits to make sure that customer data is completely secure with us and is never compromised.

  • Excellent Quality Services

    We have experts that are familiar with the complexities of pharmaceutical drug categories, whether it be an A-rated generic or branded/unbranded pharmaceuticals. We can manage a range of documentation with unrivalled quality and accuracy thanks to our vast experience.

  • Low Turnaround Time

    Within a short TAT, we provide trustworthy pharmaceutical billing services and reports. While we take care of the pharmaceutical billing service, you can spend 35% less time on other important issues.

  • Scalability

    We provide unique billing solutions while keeping future requirements in mind. You can encounter a bigger volume of billing and more difficult regulatory compliances as your firm develops. Due to the demand-scaling capabilities of our billing solutions, this will be fully taken care of.

  • Single-point Contact

    We understand your worries, and would prefer that you consult and communicate with one committed handler as opposed to numerous. Since the individual chosen to communicate with you is knowledgeable with the project, you may easily get the updates you require.

  • Experienced Team

    We are a business that has been offering pharmaceutical billing outsourcing services. Our staff of pharmaceutical billing experts is knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced, and they can quickly handle any billing management need.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    The best infrastructure is available to our team of pharmaceutical billing specialists, including world-class office premises, unbroken network facilities, and cutting-edge billing tools and technology. This enables us to provide our clients with the greatest services at the most reasonable prices and with a quicker turnaround.

  • Data Security

    To transfer files, we employ some of the most secure techniques, such FTP. If you’d rather not send the files over and want the work done on your own computers, our experts may also remotely get into your system and work on the files.

  • 24/7 Availability

    Every client receives a dedicated project manager who will routinely update them on the progress of the project. No matter where you are in the world, they will also be accessible via phone, chat, or email to address any client concerns throughout your working hours.

  • Affordable pricing

    Depending on your company’s needs, different requirements may apply when outsourcing pharmacy billing services. As a result, we offer you specialised price plans that perfectly match your needs.