Do you know that mistakes in medical billing can make it more difficult for patients and insurers to work together? This is because fixing mistakes costs more time and money and is inconvenient for all parties. You risk operating at a loss if you don’t rigorously bill patients and timely collect payments. Stop allowing that to happen to you. You are not alone if you fear sending bills to make claims. Ineffective billing practises might lead to claims rejection and a series of tasks to clean up the mess. If this describes you, outsourcing physician billing is the best course of action. Working together with a knowledgeable physician billing services firm like ours helps stop billing issues from interfering with patient care.

Physician Billing Services We are Specialize in

Medical Billing

Our physician billing solution includes electronic claim filing, ongoing follow-up to ensure payments, and account receivable ageing audits. You can benefit from our expertise in practise management for precise billing and account reconciliation. Periodically, we also send out patient statements to help you stay ahead of your account receivables.

Verify Credentials

The secret to stress-free claim filing and reimbursement is thorough paper trails. The credentialing services provided by us may compile and assist in maintaining paper and digital records without losing any important data.

Eligibility Verification

We take proactive steps in real time to confirm patient eligibility and provide justification for certain medical procedures. This will reduce the likelihood that claims will be denied for failure to fully disclose treatments and procedures that the insurer does not cover.

Medical Coding

Our AAPC-certified coders are superior to the competition and have extensive experience with all coding systems, including ICD-10, HCPCS, and CPT. We closely collaborate with doctors to code documents and analyse patient data that is kept in the electronic health record (EHR). To lessen the chance of a delay or, worse yet, a denial, we additionally securely host EHR and scrub claims.

Account Reconcialiation

We analyse, reconcile, amend, and resubmit a claim when the payer returns it to the physician's office to make sure you are effectively reimbursed with a greater payout. We promise to handle claims contracts in complete confidence and in your best interests.

Physician Practice Management

Our knowledge of the majority of non-clinical practise management solutions aims to reduce your overbearing engagement in EHR deployment, consulting, billing, accounting, and other areas. We successfully communicate with payers and providers to enhance communication and payment collection.

The Process We follow

  • 1. Code Diagnosis

    Our AAPC-certified coders are experts in the ICD, CPT, and HCPCS coding systems and are capable of reviewing and evaluating EHRs. We can provide the coding you need for surgical dictation.

  • 2. Filling Claims

    Every day, we submit claims electronically to avoid payment delays and to ensure prompt reimbursement.

  • 3. Verifying Eligibility

    Real-time and batch checks are made to see if patients have preauthorization and are insurance-eligible.

  • 4. Carry-out Credentialing

    Instead of following up repeatedly, we make sure providers are adequately documented and give all required documentation in a single pass.

  • 5. Denial Claim Handling

    To ensure a positive experience for providers, we aggressively retrace the process if there are overdue dues, claims to appeal, or even denied claims.

  • 6. Payout Posting

    We appraise payments made available by insurance companies, evaluate explanations of benefits (EOB), and deposit the funds right into the patient's account.

  • 7. Account Balancing accessing

    We send patients regular statements and reminders about unpaid debt.

Why Choose us ?

When you delegate physician billing to us, you can concentrate solely on patient care. But wait, there’s more. Here are some further justifications for selecting us:

  • Excellent Physician Billing

    To prevent providers from operating at a loss, we rigorously process invoices and timely collect all payments owed from payers and consumers.

  • Managing Record

    To ensure that no money is lost in the trail of processes, we manage records precisely using the most recent software.

  • Affordable Pricing

    We provide our customers very flexible price choices that may be tailored to their needs, the resources they utilise, the time needed to finish the assignment, etc.

  • HIPAA Compliant Processes

    You may rest certain that because all of our procedures adhere to HIPAA worldwide standards, you will only receive the highest calibre, error-free medical billing.

  • Professional Management of Aging Claims

    As claims get older, they become more difficult to trace and necessitate continuous follow-up to avoid payments from becoming lost. After receiving payment for a first claim, we routinely provide statements and handle secondary claims.

  • Minimum Risk of Rejection

    If claims are denied, we look into the situation and take the necessary steps to start an appeal. Your claims will be honoured with our assistance, with no chance of rejection.

  • 24/7 Support

    We are excited to be accessible around-the-clock if you need to speak with us since we appreciate our clients. Give us a call if you have any claims-related questions, and our billing specialists will respond right away.

  • Billing Experts

    Subject matter specialists in practise management software, physician billing medical standards, claims administration, risk analysis, reporting, billing and coding procedures, etc. are among the polite members of our workforce. Physicians can receive assistance through a single point of contact to comprehend the extent and development of healthcare billing.

  • Data Security

    Nobody is more aware of the significance of data security than we are. We use secure FTP to transfer sensitive patient data and guard against unauthorised individuals accessing or changing your information.

  • Advance Infrastructure

    In areas where automation is appropriate, we have well-equipped global delivery centres at worldwide locations where licenced software is used, allowing for significant time and cost savings without sacrificing accuracy.