Doctors spend long hours in both hospitals and offices. They also devote time to doing administrative tasks including answering phones, updating patient records, and resolving office-related problems. It seems sense that doctors put in far over 60–70 hours a week of work. How would a doctor find the time to finish the medical credentialing process on their own? 

A doctor’s schedule is so packed with obligations that there is seldom time for breaks, much less time for medical credentialing. Selecting which panels to be on, filling out a single application that can total up to 100 pages, contacting multiple insurance companies to confirm that the application is being processed by the right department, and confirming that the application is still on track to be completed are all time-consuming steps in the process. One of the most important things a doctor can do for a successful practise and patients (both present and future) is to obtain medical credentialing. However, it’s also a procedure that causes a lot of anxiety for medical professionals.

For medical credentialing, thousands of medical professionals have choose the experts at Irevenuebilling. Physicians that want their medical credentialing completed accurately and quickly without having to bear the strain of doing it themselves turn to the staff, who has over ten years of experience. The medical credentialing process will be guided by the team while you focus on the various needs of your practise and patients.

Our Provider Credentialing Services

New Registration

With the State
With the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)
With the Payer

Renewals & Expiration

The State DEA Licence
Board Certificate
Malpractice Insurance
monitoring expiration date

Contracting for Maintenance and Creation

New Group/Individual Practitioner contracts
In the current contract, adding or removing providers
Changing or adding a location in the existing contract
Modifying or removing plan types (Line of Business) inside the existing agreement
Rate Negotiation

Provider Data Maintenance

Updated provider demographics in the payer's file. (Revisions to the provider's area of expertise or new credentials)
Maintenance of provider directories on payer websites. (Checking the payer website and confirming the phone number, fax number, and zip code of the provider. updating the payers with the correction
EFT/ERA enrollments

CAQH Attestation

In order to streamline administrative procedures and improve efficiency, Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare, Inc. works with health plans and providers to handle credentialing, benefit coordination, directory management, and other crucial business operations.
CAQH application filing
CAQH quarterly attestations

Analytics and Tracking

preserving a database of the credentials of the providers
Maintaining Contracting agreements
keeping track of expiration, alerting, and credentialing dates in order to start the credentialing procedures
collaborating with the denials team to determine whether any claim denials are the result of problems with credentialing

Why Medical Credentialing is Crucial ?

1) Taking medical insurance is a top concern.

Both new and experienced physicians who have been treating patients for a long time should be aware of the need of medical credentialing. With so many people in the nation now having access to healthcare, it is no longer typical for doctors to request financial payments from their patients. In the end, medical credentialing is a top concern.
Physicians have to become “in-network” or part of insurance panels. By doing this, doctors will be able to draw in new clients and take payments from third parties from their patients, both of which are essential for practise expansion.

2) Individuals Need Covered Services

Physicians must switch from serving patients with cash payments to those with insurance coverage as a result of the nationwide healthcare reform. Due to the high expense of healthcare, people want to be sure that the doctors they see take their insurance. In addition, out-of-network benefits need to be updated and HMO plans are more common than PPO policies. In addition, people can get coverage regardless of whether their conditions are new or pre-existing and receive more equitable healthcare services. Patients of today want to know if their insurance is accepted, but they also want to make the request. Cash payments for medical services are no longer accepted. People want to know that their insurance company will pay for the expensive medical care they receive when faced with such high expenditures. In order to keep up with the trends, doctors find that taking insurance is vital. But it also means they have to deal with the difficult and time-consuming medical credentialing procedure.

Why We are Best for Medical Credentialing ?

It’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to spend endless hours on the phone and filling out applications for every insurance panel. You don’t need the hassles or the extra time for do-it-yourself medical credentialing because you are too busy attending to your patients and your practise. Over the past ten years, the professionals at have assisted hundreds of healthcare professionals in obtaining quick and excellent medical credentialing. The advantages of working with the experts at are numerous and include:

  • Assistance will be provided in selecting the insurance panels that best suit your needs.
  • With our Master Survey being the only form you need to fill out, you may exhale with relief.
  • The credentialing team starts obtaining your insurance panels right away.
  • With the option to view your application online every day of the week at any time, you never have to wonder how it’s progressing. You’ll also always be able to view it in real time.
  • The credentialing team can be reached by phone as well, and they will be pleased to let you know where the application stands in the process.

Like hundreds of doctors and other healthcare professionals who have quickly finished their medical credentialing, place your trust in the staff. One of the major reasons to use is the reasonable cost of medical credentialing.

Provider / Doctor Physician Enrollment and Credentialing Process

  • 1. Documentation

    Gather from the doctors all the information and paperwork needed to submit applications for certification.

  • 2. Submitting to the Payer

    Recognise the top payers to whom the practise submits claims, then get in touch with them.

  • 3. Payer Enrollment

    Get the Payer's enrollment number and let the doctor know how the application is progressing.

  • 4. Recredentialing

    Periodic updates of the document library for credentialing purposes

Benefits of Enrollment and Credentialing Services

The following advantages come with using our conscientious certification and enrollment services:

  • Obtain credentials more quickly from all major payers.

  • Cut down on claim rejections and enhance cash flow

  • Obtain more recommendations for patients from the network.

  • Use our document management solution to stay away from mountains of papers.

  • Obtain assistance completing out difficult application forms.

  • Lower credentialing expenses by utilising our worldwide delivery teams

  • Receive frequent updates about the progress of your applications.