Want patients to be referred to your practise without having to engage a full-time worker to answer phones and make referrals? Simply contract with us to handle physician referrals to avoid problems. For patients who require a doctor’s appointment, we have internal specialists who work in shifts that rotate. To help patients choose a doctor, we ask for details such as their preferences, such as the location of the closest institution, their insurance provider, their speciality, or even their gender. The best match for patients is automatically determined by our system using the data that is provided into it, and we then offer a warm transfer of right to the on-net practises. In order to prevent reregistration at the facility, we also add information to patients and convey their requests to the appropriate doctors.

Physician Referral Services We are Offering

Service for Physician Liaison

Being the greatest physician referral business, we provide first-rate physician liaisons to put you in touch with doctors. We quicken the referral process by keeping in touch and following up to fix problems. In order to evaluate the patient-benefit plans that can be provided, our experts may also visit clinics and medical organisations.

Radiology scheduling central

We streamline the procedure by serving as an intermediary to fix or reschedule the appointment based on the patient's availability if they need a referral to consult radiology.

Physician Referral Service Process We Follow

  • 1. Understanding Issue

    We have conversations with clients to better understand their problems and the need for a doctor recommendation.

  • 2. Monitor Requirements

    Our specialists will record particular requirements and offer help.

  • 3. Evaluation

    We offer information and referral services following a thorough evaluation.

  • 4. Physician Referral

    We urge our professionals to deliver the physician referral once the patient has given their approval to the services.

  • 5. Reporting

    We generate reports and submit them in the allotted amount of time.