Reassess the CAQH profile on time

Healthcare providers that interact with insurance payers must re-attest the data in their online CAQH profile every 120 days. One's ability to get paid may suffer if they neglect to maintain the CAQH database current or to re-attest on time. Subscribers regaining their credentials can be confident that a CAQH re-attestation deadline won't go overlooked.

Report changes in provider demographics to CAQH

Keeping your CAQH current is the "cardinal rule" of working with commercial insurance providers. As you may already be aware, the CAQH profile contains a wealth of information that might be easily missed, such as the date of your license's expiration, your current liability insurance policy, your resume, and more. We will update your information as a Recredentialing Subscriber upon request and notify you when an item in your CAQH is about to expire.

Recredentialing Management Services

Recredentialing can be a challenging and time-consuming procedure. Not all insurance providers notify you when you need to re-enroll in order to stay in network. Even while the re-enrollment paperwork isn't as complicated as the original credentialing forms, it can still be harmful to your ability to continue billing the insurance company if you skip a step or don't finish a requirement on time. That's where Credentialing's Recredentialing Management comes in useful!
Recredentialing Management includes
Re-attest CAQH on schedule
Update CAQH as needed
Manage contract renewals with insurance companies
Ongoing customer support

Oversee contract extensions

Many insurance company contracts are in effect for a period of one to three years. Providers frequently have to re-contract with a payer when their current one expires in order to avoid being dropped from the network. When claims are rejected, this might cost money and time. We will assist you in managing your contracts and completing the necessary renewal procedures as a Recredentialing Subscriber.

Provider / Doctor Physician Enrollment and Credentialing Process

  • 1. Documentation

    Gather from the doctors all the information and paperwork needed to submit applications for certification.

  • 2. Submitting to the Payer

    Recognise the top payers to whom the practise submits claims, then get in touch with them.

  • 3. Payer Enrollment

    Get the Payer's enrollment number and let the doctor know how the application is progressing.

  • 4. Recredentialing

    Periodic updates of the document library for credentialing purposes