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Revenue Cycle Management Services

Our comprehensive revenue cycle management services provide numerous benefits like HIPAA compliance, up to 60% in cost savings, and stringent security policies. We provide claim processing, AR follow up, Healthcare Collection, Denial management, Eligibility,  Payment Posting, Dental Revenue cycle, Medical Reimbursement , revenue Improvement, HIRS, Provider Life cycle Mnagement services and AR calling Services and other services….

Health Revenue Cycle Management Services

Are you having trouble producing higher revenue and a smoother administrative experience? Does your company lack the skilled personnel it needs to handle its medical revenue cycle management obligations? Are you having trouble managing your payments, claims processing, and revenue creation. The best course of action would thus be to outsource your needs to a knowledgeable revenue cycle management firm.

We provide our clients on a global scale RCM solutions that are both high-quality and affordable. We can assist you with claim payment collection, increasing revenue from unpaid claims, and following up with insurance providers for prompt settlements. Along with assisting with coding activities, full patient registration, and eligibility verification, we can also assist with your revenue cycle management system. Utilising our knowledge can help you raise income, enhance the likelihood that payments will be made, and increase your collection ratio. We provide all these services to the In-network, out-network  doctors, Hospitals, Emergency room, Medical, Dental and Vision.

Claims Processing Service

We are capable of handling both paper and electronic claim submissions. As part of our RCM services, our knowledgeable team creates the Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) and sends the claims to the insurance company.

AR Calling Services

Our AR Calling Services have the know-how to handle and follow up on payment delays. We locate the outstanding balances that are clogging up your RCM system and follow up on past-due patient bills.

AR Follow-up Services

All differences that cause delayed or disallowed receivables are resolved by us. To make sure that healthcare providers are paid on time, our AR specialists identify the problems and take appropriate action.

Insurance Eligibility Verification

These RCM services are fully handled by our qualified staff, who will review all medical records, confirm patient insurance, and contact patients if there are any gaps in the supporting documentation.

Denial Managment Services

Denials of insurance claims are a common source of frustration for healthcare organisations all around the world. We can assist you in reviewing, amending, and resubmitting rejected claims.

Payment Posting Services

We can assure prompt and correct posting of all payments into your billing system with the help of our RCM services. Additionally, we regularly audit all posted payments, which helps to cut down on errors.

We Achieve Revenue Cycle Management Excellence by:

Utilising RCM service software that is cloud-based to fully automate the process of filing claims, billing customers, collecting payments, and managing denials.

Giving patients a variety of payment choices will help you increase patient payment rates by collecting co-payments prior to treatment.

Settling refused claims as soon as possible (within a 24-hour window) and following up on them frequently until they are resolved.

Finding the underlying reasons for claim denials to reduce days' accounts receivable. This requires resolving denials based on particular CAS codes and having a detailed awareness of the distinctive CAS codes used by payers.

Employing a framework for revenue cycle management that is data-driven to track financial performance continuously.

Revenue Cycle Management Process

  • 1. Clinical Collections

    Overall revenue from clinical services

  • 2. Ratio of Net Collection

    The percentage of money collected versus what is owed to the government legally

  • 3. Managing Denials

    number of claims that have been rejected, resubmitted, and are now undergoing resubmission

  • 4. Billing Management

    Pending bills that need to be amended, revised, and verified

  • 5. Payment Posting

    Regular updates of the Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) and the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) for claim payments

  • 6. Insurance Verification

    Number of patients in your network and beyond it who are covered for certain procedures

  • 7. Adjustments/Write-offs

    A day's worth of insurance changes and legitimate write-offs

  • 8. Days Sales Outstanding

    Time remaining to collect unpaid debts

  • Aged A/R (Account Receivables)

    Time left to collect outstanding performanceAnalysis of the proportion of loans collected in the 0–60 day window as well as the total of current loan payments (CLR)

Why We are Supereme In RCM in the Industry ?

Intensive Claims Prioritization

We prioritise claims with the highest vigilance in order to provide excellent healthcare RCM services, making sure that urgent situations are handled quickly and effectively.

Benchmark-Driven Optimization

Utilising benchmarks, we configure our task queues for maximum effectiveness in our revenue cycle management procedures.

In-depth Analysis for Proactive Solutions

Utilising key performance indicators (KPIs), we go deep into your revenue cycle management data to uncover the underlying causes of any issues with the RCM process in the healthcare industry.

Intelligent Dynamic Processes

We can find integration points and offer helpful workflow advice to streamline your revenue cycle management thanks to our in-depth understanding of healthcare RCM services.

Access to Data is Improved

Our revenue cycle management in medical billing ensures that data is shared and integrated between systems without any issues. Data can be uploaded, transferred, and shared in an efficient manner thanks to our integrated charging procedure.

Effortless Efficiency with Strong Automation

Our revenue cycle outsourcing services utilise automation to save you time on administrative activities and guarantee that clean claims are submitted accurately the first time.

Revenue Cycle Management Process

The following are some of the key determinants of global healthcare providers' decisions to partner with us:

  • Compliance

    Improve your revenue collection by utilising our HIPAA compliant techniques.

  • Data Security

    Highly secure services, and you can be confident that we will keep all of your data in absolute safety.

  • ISO-certified

    As an organisation with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 ISMS certification, we guarantee the complete security of all of your data.

  • 100% Coverage

    With us, you can effortlessly follow up on payments that are hanging up while getting 100% coverage for your delinquent bills.

  • Fast TAT

    Our 24/7 services ensure faster turnaround times.

  • Cost-effective solutions

    As payor accounts are timely settled, we offer a more economical and improved cash flow. Save money by up to 60%.