Managing appointments and scheduling effectively are essential to providing high-quality medical treatment. Ensuring patient satisfaction and physician referrals is contingent upon precise capture of eligibility and prior authorization requirements, minimization of lengthy wait times, and process streamlining. We are aware of how critical effective appointment scheduling and management are to providing top-notch medical care. To guarantee the greatest results for patients and clinicians, we want to expedite the scheduling process, lower the number of no-shows, and raise patient participation.

Our appointment management and patient scheduling services are intended to assist healthcare practitioners in better scheduling their appointments and raising patient satisfaction levels. Among our offerings are:

Appointment Scheduling and Patient Management Services

Appointment scheduling via the Portal

Patients can book appointments whenever it's convenient for them using our easy-to-use web interface, which eliminates the need for them to navigate complex phone systems or wait on hold.

Appointment scheduling on the Call

Patients can book appointments whenever it's convenient for them using our easy-to-use calling services with just one point connect call, which eliminates the need for them to navigate complex phone systems or wait on hold.

Eligibility and Prior Authorization

Before making an appointment, our staff gathers all the patient data required to guarantee that all eligibility and prior authorization requirements are satisfied.

Scheduling appointments based on provider availability

Our scheduling team's goal is to match patients with available doctors based on their geography, interests, and availability.

Direct messaging system communication with doctors and patients

Direct connection between doctors and patients is made possible by our messaging system, which facilitates questioning, sharing crucial information, and maintaining contact.

Notifying patients of their scheduled visits and obtaining verification

In order to reduce no-shows and increase appointment attendance, our system automatically reminds patients of their appointments and requests confirmation.

Sending automated reminders to patients and providers

By automatically reminding patients and providers, our system lowers the likelihood that appointments will be missed.

Benefits of Choosing us ?

  • Reducing no-shows We assist in lowering the amount of no-shows and missed appointments, enhancing revenue cycle performance, by sending automated reminders and requesting confirmation.

  • Increasing patient involvement: We assist in raising patient happiness and participation by offering easy scheduling alternatives and direct patient communication.

  • Improving the schedules of physicians: By matching patients with available doctors, we reduce wait times and maximise doctor schedules.

  • Giving doctors access to a dashboard that displays appointments in real time: In order to ensure that doctors can give the best care possible, we can set up the system so that they can access and manage their schedules with ease.

  • Programed alerts and follow-ups: In order to guarantee that appointments are kept and payments are made on time, we set up the system to automatically send follow-up messages and reminders to patients and providers.

  • Complete monitoring of past payments made by patients and unpaid balances:
    We keep track of past patient payments as well as any unpaid balances, which simplifies the invoicing and collection process.