Surgery records are essential since they serve as a crucial point of reference for understanding everything that happened during the procedure. Do you lack access to resources that can provide you services for correct and clear operation notes transcription? Are you seeking for a partner who can offer a productive document management system and quickly deliver the results? The best course of action for your healthcare organisation would then be to hire a seasoned service provider to handle the outsourcing of surgery transcription services.

One such service provider is our business, which can meet all of your needs for surgical transcription in one location. Surgery notes can be quickly and accurately transcribed by our team of highly skilled and experienced healthcare transcriptionists. It may be affordable and simple to outsource medical transcribing service for surgical centres to us.

Surgery Transcription Services

Operative reports, which provide a detailed account of the complete surgical procedure from the moment the surgery began to its very last detail, are the most difficult dictations in healthcare transcribing. Who did what, what tools/equipment was used, how the surgical treatment was carried out, etc. are all detailed in a thorough operative report, regardless of whether the surgery was carried out in a hospital, speciality clinic, or outpatient surgical centre.

The following details are typically included in the surgical operative report:

  • List of all kinds of instruments used
  • Details of specimens or tissues removed (if any)
  • Hardware or devices inserted (if any)
  • Bandaging & wound closure details
  • Any complications or unforeseen developments encountered during the surgery
  • The patient’s condition after the surgery
  • Where patient was taken after the procedure
  • Pre-operative diagnosis
  • Post-operative diagnoses
  • Names of physicians, surgeons, nurses, and assistants involved in the operation
  • Title of the surgery/operation performed
  • Type of anesthesia used
  • Reason why the surgery was performed
  • Operative findings
  • In-detailed description of the entire procedure

Transcription Process We Follow

  • 1. Receive File

    Customers can give us audio dictation files or handwritten text reports in any common digital format, including WAV, DSS, VOX, and MP3.

  • 2. Transcribe

    Our company's transcription experts transcribe the materials.

  • 3. Making Reports

    Custom specifications unique to your facility and healthcare regulations like HIPAA/HL7 are adhered to at our end

  • 4. Finalizing and Dispatching

    Within 24 hours, we deliver you transcribed emergency room reports through encrypted email or FTP transfer.

Why Choose us ?

We have a history of providing prompt support for our clients’ global hospital transcription needs. The advantages of using our┬áservices for Emergency Room Transcription include the following:

  • Up to 55% reduction in costs
  • Provided by a group of medical transcriptionists with expertise in a variety of medical fields, specialised services
  • Transcripts that are error-free and promise the greatest levels of accuracy
  • using strict privacy guidelines that guarantee total data confidentiality and safety
  • Availability of HL7 transcribing services and HIPAA compliance