Urology is a challenging area of medicine that necessitates long hours from the doctors. It is a broad field of medicine that includes both surgical and non-surgical procedures related to cancer, nephrology, andrology, gynaecology, and internal medicine. In order to relieve them of the burden of managing correct paperwork and reporting, hospitals, laboratories, and other medical facilitators are constantly searching for dependable and trustworthy outsourcing partners to provide medical transcribing services. Irevenue Billing has become a market leader in providing medical transcription services to a customer in the healthcare industry covering 45 countries. With over 125 urology experts and transcription specialists working with a large support staff around the clock to provide our clients with quick and accurate transcription services, we have a strong background in the field of urology transcription services. With adaptable dictation solutions and modular document management systems at reasonable prices, we ensure our clients receive high-quality services.

Urology Transcription Services

Medical History

For hospitals, urology specialists, and others, our experts copy the patients' physical medical records and medical histories. It include recording the history of the current condition, going through the past, noting any allergies, prescribing medications, etc.

Consultation Reports

We generate consultation summaries and reports based on the received dictation in accordance with the facility's or doctor's preferences. It includes information on the patient, an explanation of urology problems or diseases, the justifications for the consultation, the number of appointments, visit summaries, etc.

Visit Summary

For patient visits, our team provides reliable transcribing services to doctors and specialists. The doctors may transcribe the patient visits over the phone, through audio/video recordings or notes, and our professionals can properly transcribe them for documentation and future use, assembling all the crucial data from the patients' appointments in a one location.

Radiology Reports

To handle the critical and challenging duty of creating radiology reports for hospitals, medical labs, doctors, etc., we have specialised radiology transcriptionists. Based on the dictation, they create precise diagnostic reports that include, among other crucial components, the case background in detail, diagnostic techniques, the imaging technologies utilised, the doctor's observations, final reports, and findings.

Discharge Summary

Our knowledgeable crew is also skilled in accurately transcribing post-discharge summaries and plans for patients that include all the necessary information in the acceptable format.

Laboratory Reports

Additionally, by receiving test results from medical test facilities, we assist patients who have undergone numerous tests with high-quality and error-free lab report transcribing.

Urology Transcription Specialties

Our company enables urology transcripts for urology specialisations such – in addition to providing transcription services for the aforementioned general urology facilities and reports.


  • Pediatric urology
  • Transient urinary incontinence
  • BioArc Midurethral Sling
  • Reconstructive Urology
  • Prostate cancer
  • Prostatic hyperplasia
  • Surgical Procedures

Transcription Process We Follow

  • 1. Receive Dictations

    Customers can give us audio dictation files or handwritten text reports in any common digital format, including WAV, DSS, VOX, and MP3.

  • 2. Transcribe

    Our company's transcription experts transcribe the materials.

  • 3. Making Reports

    Custom specifications unique to your facility and healthcare regulations like HIPAA/HL7 are adhered to at our end

  • 4. Finalizing and Dispatching

    Within 24 hours, we deliver you transcribed emergency room reports through encrypted email or FTP transfer.

Why Choose us ?

  • Competitive pricesĀ 

    With our adaptable medical reports transcribing services, we can assist you in finding the ideal balance between your core administrative and healthcare operations and the American Association of Medical transcribing’s (AAMT) guidelines. Our solutions are very reasonably priced and are designed to meet all of your needs while staying within a predetermined budget. The cost is often determined by the transcription’s length, number of characters, etc.

  • Data Security

    When patients’ medical records are maintained electronically, we take every precaution to protect their privacy. For this reason, we only send/receive transcriptions through secure servers and FTP.

  • HIPAA Transcription & Dictation

    As a HIPAA compliant medical reports transcription service provider, our business adheres to all HIPAA requirements and industry standards to safeguard the security, privacy, and confidentiality of your patients’ medical records.

  • Multiple Delivery Services

    In addition to the four offices dispersed throughout several time zones, we also have over ten delivery centres. It enables us to constantly be accessible and provide immediate assistance. You can reach out to us with any problems or inquiries because our healthcare support professionals are available around-the-clock.

  • Professionals Staff

    Our hiring practises are compliant with international standards, and we only employ qualified and motivated personnel. The crew then receives specialised training in medical report transcription, honing their skills and elevating them to the top of their field.

  • 100% Accuracy

    So far, we have been able to surpass the current transcribing industry requirements with over 99% accuracy for all medical report transcription services. Additionally, we have a skilled team of QA specialists who can guarantee that the transcription is flawless and free of any gaps or errors.So far, we have been able to surpass the current transcribing industry requirements with over 99% accuracy for all medical report transcription services. Additionally, we have a skilled team of QA specialists who can guarantee that the transcription is flawless and free of any gaps or errors.